Who am I?

Carolina Isella raised and born in Milano, since 1996.

Carolina was surrounded by travel and creativity since she was very young, which shaped her love for nature and photography. She quickly learned that extraordinary photography requires chasing light and capturing decisive and unique moments.

Carolina's curiosity to explore quickly developed into a desire to travel and explore far, distant, and isolated places.

After her BA in "Arts and New Media" at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera she started to know where to go in life. She started her own freelancer life around the world. 


2020. Online course at  Learnn

2020. "Professione Reporter" at Officine Fotografiche - Milano Italia

2020. Freelance Photographer

2019.  Internship at miscusi in communication and marketing

2017.  Workshop with Jérôme Sessini at Cortona on the move - Cortona Italia

2015.  BA "Arts and New Media" at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milano Italia

2010. Scientific High School - Milano Italia


2019.  Milano Photo Week - Milano Italia

2017.  Looking for Art - Milano Italia

2017. Galleria di Trastevere - Roma Italia


2020. "Esplorando il Sud America: dal Cile alla Bolivia" on The Pill Magazine

2020. "Lockdown, the overlapped city" on Corriere della Sera

2020. "Guarda(ti) on  Perimetro 

2020. "Lockdown, the overlapped city" on Arcipelago19

2020. Interview with Mapify on Medium




How you show yourself to the world represents your personality. Images and storytelling across all your social media platforms and websites should reflect who you are. 

To be known your story has to be shared with the world whether you're a brand, a person, or a country. 


Social Media 

We're living in, that so-called, online society. Online sharing is a new way to share thoughts and create community.

To create good online communication, you have to be careful about storytelling, photos and you have to be present. Three essentials for online communication.



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